The Woman and Company Behind “Event Management Plans”

The Woman and Company Behind “Event Management Plans”

Welcome to the very first blog of Event Management Plans!

I’ve been wanting to start the blog for a while now but I guess we all know what events are like – BUSY!

I’ll kick off by introducing myself and giving you some background info on EMP (as we affectionately call it 😊) and what landed us here.

Who is This Woman?

The creator of the Event Management Plans website. Get your templates today!
My husband (Kevin) and I, after working on The Color Run in Melbourne

My name is Madeleine and I have worked in the weird and wonderful world of events since 2006. Wow, I actually cannot believe it’s been so many years already as I’m writing this!

I’m Dutch by origin but landed my first event crew job in Sydney when I was backpacking Australia. At the time, I didn’t know the first thing about setting up an event. Had never heard of a crowd control barrier or never even used a cable tie. But I was keen to learn and a hard worker!

I ended up getting a sponsorship through that same event company, which enabled me to stay in this beautiful country I now call home. I gained a tonne of experience working on large scale outdoor events, mainly sporting events. From The Sydney Marathon and National Surf Life Saving Competitions to Iron Man’s and Athletics Series – I did it all.

Crowd control barriers and I soon became best buddies, and I would often find random cable ties in the bottom of my washing machine!

I also met my now husband (Kevin) on an event site during this time. Needless to say, events have always been in the centre of our world.

Starting 3vent Productions

Eventually, we moved away from the busyness of the big city to the more relaxed Gold Coast. Here, we decided to start our own event company called 3vent Productions in 2011.

Whenever I mention to someone that we do events, the first comment back is: “Like weddings and conferences?” Well, no. Not quite.

The type of events that we do certainly won’t keep a suit clean! It involves lifting a bucket-load of 30kg weight blocks, putting up endless meters of signage and, working in rain, hail or shine.

3vent Productions specialises in the operations and logistics of events, mostly outdoor events. For those of you who are now thinking: “Uhm, that doesn’t mean anything to me…” I’ll try to explain:

Think of a major event you have been to recently…. We are the people who pull all of the elements together to build that event. From your transport in, to having your ticket checked, to buying food and going to the loo, to the complete sound & lighting production. Everything you see at an event site, we organise in day-to-day life.

In summary, we:

  • Obtain the event applications and permits
  • Organise event infrastructure and services
  • Organise entertainment and performers
  • Create installation schedules (bump-in schedules, as they are officially called)
  • Produce all the safety documentation and risk management plans
  • Oversee the bump-in of everything
  • Manage stage operations
  • Oversee the running of the entire event
  • Then, manage bump-out

We work for clients such as City of Gold Coast, Netball Australia, Schweppes, The Color Run Australia and many more.

We’ve actually made a video in 2019 to showcase the behind the scenes of our event life – check it out!

Event management plans are a MUST for every event organiser - make your life easy with the best templates!
Check out the 3vent YouTube video!

But, if you work in events (which is highly likely when you’re visiting the EMP website) you would already understand the work we do.

Why Event Management Plans?

So, let’s move on to the creation of Event Management Plans. Why did I start this website?

Basically, to simplify the event planning process for other event organisers all over the world.

Having great templates will save you so much time. That was the whole reason why I created them in the first place – to save our event managers at 3vent time!

In addition, they will also streamline your teams documentation (everyone produces the same docs) and they will help you cross your T’s and dot your I’s when planning an event.

These templates are full of sample text which is ready-to-use or requires little editing. Heck, some of the templates (such as the Emergency Management Plan) will only take you about 30 minutes before you have a beautiful plan!

So, I would encourage you to check out our range of templates. Who knows, there might be one, or a few, which could come in handy for you 😊

Need some event tips and tricks? I will be covering a variety of useful event topics in future blogs so stay tuned.

For now, happy eventing! 🙂