Waste Management Plan Template

AUD $79.00

A must-have for any large scale or mass-participation event!

In this day and age, proper waste disposal is a crucial element to gaining event approval. Demonstrate you have got your T’s crossed and your I’s dotted when it comes to managing waste at your next event with our comprehensive Waste Management Plan!

This plan covers a range of topics in detail including:

  • Waste Types
  • Waste Management Strategy
  • Waste Hierarchy
  • Waste Handling & Storage
  • Waste Information Sheet sample

Stakeholders who might require you to create a Waste Management Plan are most commonly:

  • Clients (the person/organization funding the event)
  • Councils / Local Governments
  • Event Venues

With limited editing required, this plan will save you time (and money!). Help yourself today and create an impressive and comprehensive plan in minutes, not hours!

This plan was created for use at stand-alone outdoor events or use by event venues, however, this plan can be adapted to suit multiple industries.

We have extracted some pages of the document as samples to provide an insight into the level of detail within it.