Risk Management Plan Template

AUD $79.00

Identify and manage your event hazards and risks adequately with this all-in-one Risk Management Plan!

This plan comes complete with a hierarchy of control, risk likelihood and risk consequence ratings, risk rating table, risk requirements table, risk treatment plan, and wet weather / storm procedure.

Stakeholders who will require to see a Risk Management Plan are most commonly:

  • Clients (the person/organization funding the event)
  • Councils / Local Governments
  • Event Venues

Risk likelihoods and consequence ratings are described in detail to ensure you are able to adequately analyse each hazard and risk associated with your event. The easy-to-use, color-coded risk rating table includes the four universal ratings and includes the actions required for each rating.

The Risk Treatment Plan is partially completed for your convenience. It also includes suggestions and examples to assist you in completing the remaining sections of the plan. An extensive list of hazards associated with outdoor events is provided, along with suggestions of the potential risks they could cause and examples of risk control measures you could put in place.

This plan was created for use at stand-alone outdoor events or by event venues, however, this plan can be adapted to suit multiple industries.

We have extracted some pages of the document as samples to provide an insight into the level of detail within it.