Noise Management Plan Template – Venues

AUD $79.00

Are you the owner or manager at an event venue? Does your venue have a current Noise Management Plan and policies implemented?

If the answer is ‘No’ then this is the template for you!

Our extremely detailed Noise Management Plan (NMP) template will help you create an in-depth document full of practical procedures and strategies. Clear procedures around the management of event noise impacts will provide guidance to your event management team, as well as external venue hirers. It will also satisfy higher management, local councils and other stakeholders when it comes to establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with the local community.

This plan provides a comprehensive overview of noise management practices including:

  • Noise types
  • Noise management strategy
  • Noise monitoring practices (incl. a Noise Monitoring Form)
  • Community management practices
  • Complaints handling procedures
  • Training and review

The Word document is formatted with sample text and prompts to assist you in completing the remaining sections. It is designed to be easily legible by both stakeholders and staff members to ensure optimum practicality.

This plan was created for use by event venues, however, this plan can be adapted to suit multiple industries.

We have extracted some pages of the document as samples to provide an insight into the level of detail within it.