Emergency & Evacuation Management Plan Template

AUD $79.00

Be prepared for anything with this no-fuss Emergency & Evacuation Management Plan template! Simply add some event details and your own Evacuation Maps and your plan is done!

Stakeholders who will require to see an Emergency Management Plan are most commonly:

  • Clients (the person/organization funding the event)
  • Outdoor Event Venues

This template includes a large number of standard procedures, including medical, fire, hazardous material, bomb threat, severe weather, and even flood and tidal management – all event procedures require little to no editing. Example evacuation and assembly maps are included to provide assistance in creating your own.

You simply cannot go wrong with this comprehensive Emergency & Evacuation Management plan!

This plan is designed with outdoor event venues in mind. For indoor venues, please consult with the venue directly in relation to their Emergency and Evacuation procedures.

We have extracted some pages of the document as samples to provide an insight into the level of detail within it.