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  • Why would I need Event Plans?

    You will need event plans for most events, especially when you’re organizing outdoor events.

    When you are submitting a Council application to hold your event, a Risk Management and Event Management Plan are basic requirements. Emergency & Evacuation Plans (EEP) are required for outdoor event venues which do not have a standard EEP in place. i.e. parks, public areas, etc.

    Stakeholders who will require to see event management plans are:

    1. Clients (the person/organization funding the event)
    2. Councils / Local Governments
    3. Event Venues
  • Which Event Management Plans are most commonly used?

    Risk Management Plans (RMP) are the most critical plan in the world of events. You certainly cannot run an event without having an RMP in place!

    Event Management Plans (EMP) are also very commonly requested by stakeholders. An EMP provides an overview of how all event elements will be managed. If done well, an EMP shows your competency in managing events.

    Emergency & Evacuation Management Plans (EEMP) are required for outdoor event venues that do not have a venue-specific EEMP in place. i.e. parks, public areas, etc. An EEMP will list procedures on all types of emergencies. In addition, it will feature evacuation maps indicating relevant event Sectors and Assembly Areas to streamline patrons in case of an emergency.

    RMP’s, EMP’s and EEMP’s are generally the most commonly requested plans. However, if you’re managing large scale outdoor events a Waste Management Plan and Noise Management Plan might also be important to have.

    A Waste Management Plan will demonstrate the procedures and measures in place to minimise pollution to meet your sustainability responsibilities.

    A Noise Management Plan will provide insight into the measures you are implementing to reduce the noise impact on the community. In particular, it will illustrate the WHAT, WHY, WHEN and HOW of managing noise impacts.

  • What is an Event Management Plan?

    An Event Management Plan is a document that will assist you in planning your event. It should (at a minimum) cover all operational and safety aspects of your event requirements.

    A good event management plan will ensure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s. Therefore, it will assist in preventing unexpected challenges and disasters from occurring on event day.

    To ensure event managers have the required procedures and infrastructure in place to deliver an event successfully, clients, higher management, event venues, and local councils often ask to see an event management plan prior to the big day.

    Check out our in-depth Event Management Plan template.

  • What should be included in a Risk Management Plan?

    A Risk Management Plan is a document that outlines the risk management mitigation processes in place for your event. It forces you to think about the risks associated with the hosting of an event with a purpose to prevent potential disasters on the big day. You will determine the level of risk associated with each hazard and implement risk controls to mitigate the risk.

    There are 4 key aspects to the risk management process:

    • Risk Identification. Identifying all potential risks which impact your event
    • Risk Assessment. Prioritising the risks based on their potential impact
    • Risk MitigationReducing the probability of a risk/threat occurring
    • Risk MonitoringEvaluating the effectiveness of the control measures

    At a minimum your risk management plan should include:

    • Hierarchy of control
    • Risk likelihood table
    • Risk consequence ratings
    • Risk rating table
    • Risk requirements table
    • Risk treatment plan

    Risk management can be confusing and overwhelming. To make your life easier check out our detailed Risk Management Plan template.

  • What should be included in an Emergency Management Plan?

    An Emergency Management Plan is a document that outlines the procedures and processes to follow in case of an emergency. It will help you understand your/your team’s responsibilities and how to lead your team successfully during an emergency.

    A good Emergency Management Plan should include:

    • Emergency Contact List
    • Procedures for Emergency Situations
    • Evacuation Maps

    Each emergency is different and requires a specific procedure to manage it adequately. The most common emergencies for outdoor events are:

    • Medical Emergency
    • Fire Emergency
    • Hazardous Material Emergency
    • Bomb Threat
    • Severe Weather Emergency
    • Flood and Tidal Management

    Not quite sure where to start? Try our Emergency & Evacuation Management Plan template

  • What is the purpose of a Waste Management Plan?

    A stand-alone waste management plan is not a necessity when organizing events. If you have a  good event management plan it should cover waste management practices as well, which could be sufficient for your event.

    However, as pollution and sustainability are hot topics, a stand-alone Waste Management Plan will assist you in meeting your sustainability responsibilities. In addition, it will demonstrate to stakeholders that sufficient provisions are in place to manage waste adequately.

    A Waste Management Plan provides an overview of the types of wastes generated by the event, how you propose to reduce waste generated, what waste facilities will be in place at the event, and how/when waste will be handled.

    Short on time? Check out our Waste Management Plan template! All the hard work has been done for you and you’ll have a professional plan in minutes, not hours.

  • What is a Noise Management Plan?

    A Noise Management Plan (NMP) is a document that demonstrated how noise pollution at an event will be managed. In addition, it illustrates what levels of noise are acceptable to maintain compliance with local noise regulations.

    The purpose of an NMP is to minimise the impact on the local community through the implementation of specific noise strategies and the monitoring thereof to ensure their effectiveness. Consequently, aiming to establish and maintain a positive relationship with the local community.

    Generally, NMP’s are only useful at outdoor events and/or for outdoor event venues. Outdoor events can produce a significant level of noise from a variety of activities including stage acts, event entertainment and bump-in (setup) and bump-out (pack down) activities.

  • I don't know how to write an Event Plan - help?

    Don’t worry – all of our templates are loaded with prompts, questions, suggestions and example text throughout to help you create impressive and detailed plans. Just follow the prompts and answer the questions and you will have your plans done in no-time! Even with little event experience, you will be able to complete our plans.

    Alternatively, our team can create your plans for you. Drop us an email with your specific requirements and timeframe and we’ll endeavour to assist (price on application).

  • Why should I invest in templates?

    The short answer is – you don’t have to! You can certainly create all event documents yourself.

    However, if you want to save time (and money!), purchasing templates is a smart way of doing this.

    The main benefits of having our templates are:

    • Save Time. You will save A LOT of time as you don’t have to create the plans from scratch
    • Comprehensive. Our plans have been created (and refined!) throughout 10+ years in the event industry. Hence, they are the most comprehensive plans you’ll find
    • Proven. We have used these templates to create our event plans for many years. They have been submitted to and accepted by hundreds of Councils, clients, and stakeholders as quality documentation
    • Simplicity. Many of our templates require little editing. Additionally, they are full of sample text, examples and prompts to help you create an impressive plan in no-time
    • Value for Money. You can use them over and over again, on a variety of different events

    Basically, when you purchase our templates you will get maximum results with minimal effort!

  • In what format will I receive the plan(s)?

    You will be able to download all plans in Word format after confirmation of payment has been received.

    Simply click the red ‘Download’ button on the order confirmation page and your download will commence. You can also download your plan(s) by logging into your account on our website and selecting ‘Downloads’ on the left menu. Alternatively, a download link is also provided in the confirmation email.

    Your plans will never expire so you can download them again at a later stage if need be.

  • After making a payment, when will I receive my plan(s)?

    Straight away! You will be able to download the plan on the website your payment has been processed.

    You can also download your plan(s) by logging into your account on our website and selecting ‘Downloads’ on the left menu. Alternatively, a download link is also provided in the confirmation email.

    Your plans will never expire so you can download them again at a later stage if need be.

    If you are unable to download the plan(s) for any reason, please send us an email and we will fix it for you.

  • Will I be able to get a Tax Invoice?

    Yes. A Tax Invoice will be emailed to you after confirmation of payment has been received.

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