COVID Safe Event planning made easy with our new COVID Safe Event Template!

COVID Safe Event planning made easy with our new COVID Safe Event Template!

It has taken a while, but I am very excited to announce that is now COVID Safe! 😷

This means even better templates for you to work with and even less time for you to spend getting your head around the COVID requirements. Yay! Hooray for easier COVID Safe event planning! 🎉👏

The biggest news is that we have released a brand-new template for a COVID Safe Event Plan. Check out the detail in it!

In addition, the following existing templates on the website are now up to date with COVID safe requirements:

What do the updates include – COVID safe event planning?

COVID Safe Event Template

This template is based on an APPROVED COVID Safe Event Plan, which we created for a large sporting event we managed in November 2020, called ‘Netfest’. Check out the event pics on the 3vent Productions website!

This template includes:

  • Detailed ‘Venue Details’ section – incl. check-in process, discrete areas, sanitising areas, staff monitoring process
  • Expected Attendance section
  • COVID Safe Measures suggestions
  • Management of Suspected COVID Case protocol
  • Management of Aggressive Behaviour protocol
  • Cleaning & Sanitising protocol
  • Non-Compliance protocol
  • Queensland Industry Framework Specific Requirements (easily editable to meet your state/country requirements)
Risk Management Plan Template

There have been a fair few updates to the Risk Management template for events, including:

  • The Risk Treatment Plan now includes a dedicated ‘Infectious Disease’ section. And of course, this also includes a whole bunch of Risk Control examples
  • A ‘Management Of Suspected Covid-19 Cases Protocol’
  • A ‘Management Of Aggressive Behaviour Protocol’
Event Management Plan Template

COVID-19 updates to this document include:

  • COVID-19 related requirements (i.e., social distancing, contact tracing, high-touch points, etc.) included throughout the document, where applicable
  • A COVID-19 sub-chapter within the existing ‘Public Health’ chapter
Emergency & Evacuation Management Plan Template

This plan has been updated to include:

  • A COVID Safe adjustment to every ‘Emergency Management’ procedure
  • An ‘Emergency Access’ section to the ‘Emergency Management’ chapter
  • An ‘Infectious Disease Emergency’ section to the ‘Emergency Management’ chapter
  • A ‘Management Of Suspected Covid-19 Cases Protocol’
  • A ‘Management of a COVID-19 Outbreak’ section
  • A ‘Pre-event measures and Communication’ section
  • A ‘COVID Safe Evacuation Management’ sub-chapter to the ‘Emergency Evacuations’ chapter

If your event needs a COVID Safe Event Plan – I would highly recommend you start by purchasing our template. It will literally save you 40+ hours of work! Plus, it will ensure you include all crucial event details and protocols. As a result, you will likely gain approval faster.

Now let’s hope that event industries all around the world will bounce back very soon, so we can all get back to doing what we love – planning events!

Happy Eventing! 😃